| March/April 1966

  • Portable steam engine

  • Portable steam engine

148 Center St., Wanerly, New York

On Page 24 of the Mar.-April 1965 issue of Album in the upper left hand corner you have a picture of a portable steam engine. This engine apparently is running. It looks as though it is belted to a sawmill. Under the picture it says that is is a C and O No. 189 built by Brooks in 1889. This engine looks exactly like my Frick 8 - 10 that left the factory in December 1924.

The following parts are exactly like my engine: smoke box door, hinge in smoke-stack, stack hanger on top of the steam dome, governor and oil pump, main steam valve, bracket on side of boiler for extension rod for main steam valve, timber on side of boiler for hind wheels, brackets on side of boiler for these timbers, drain cocks, steam gauge and whistle, injector and water line to boiler, tongue and brace from front axle to bottom of the barrel, exhaust line cylinder and fly wheels..

My engine has the hand brake which this engine does not have and my opinion is that you got your pictures mixed. I could be mistaken in this picture as this engine and boiler do not look that old.

See picture of my engine. The state of New York still allows me 125 lbs. This engine stands outdoors the year around, but I keep it painted and the engine covered with a tarp.