Farm Collector


Box 244, Calhan, Colorado

I am sending some pictures of a model Case steam traction
engine. I believe they would be of interest to readers of your fine

The little engine was built by Geo. Glusick, 1408 Claremont
Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado.

It took two years of spare time to build the model. Cylinder
bore 2, stroke 2 inches. Overall length is 58 inches and 30 inches
high. Operates on 80 to 100 lbs. steam. The boiler has been tested
at 250 lbs. per square inch.

There are no castings, all parts are mild steel cut, welded and
machined to shape. The rear axle and differential are from an old
model A Ford with the differential built into the hub of the right
wheel. It is driven by roller chain instead of gears and travels at
about one mile per hour.

  • Published on Jan 1, 1958
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