| July/August 1955

I am a charter member of the Michigan Live Steam Club and as my contribution have built a one-sixth scale model of the 1911 sixty hp. Case engine and 54 inch 32x32 cylinder separator with feeder and stacker. A lot of work, luck and some thought went into these and since they perform very nicely I am pleased-as-all-get-out with them.

For the benefit of any who may be interested I give some details of this engine, taken from the Case 1911 catalog sold me by Vic Winter mantel.

Five inch boiler, 1 and thirteen-sixteenth by 1 and thirteen-sixteenth cylinder; 6 inch flywheel, 13 inch flues 15 inches long, 5x7 inch firebox, 11 inch rear drivers and 7 inch front wheels. I think I could have put one more flue in, which would have given just that much better steaming qualities, although it does very well as a steamer. I carry 90 pounds of steam and can maintain this when running the separator. I can do only a fair job of threshing wheat heads broken into three parts so the stems will make the turn in the stacker. Will have to change my screens a little.

This explains why I hope you will see fit to give more space to the model section of your magazine, as I'll bet there are plenty of readers who are interested.