Ideas On Model Boilers

| July/August 1958

Grafton, Illinois

AS A READER OF OUR wonderful magazine I noticed Mr. Gay's article on page 18 of the March-April 1958 issue regarding Models steaming slow. I am an old timer. I started operating a 12 hp. Jumbo (Belleville) portable 60 years ago this past September, operating a cider mill owned by my father.

I am also quite a Model fan. I had a 4 hp. double cylinder upright I assembled in 1950. This I had at Pontiac and Mt. Pleasant Reunions. I now have a 3 hp. Model in the shed patterned after an engine made in Canada, Waterous, Champion, as shown on page 7, Fall 1950 ALBUM. Models, it is true, all seem to steam slowly. As Mr. Gay says, 'when one follows true to scale the very small ones more so'. A true scale is very neat and attractive. IF we could vary just a wee bit and set the front flue sheet back according to size but leave the shell scale length and use the extension smoke box and fudge on the diameter of the boiler to an increase. Using as large a tube as possible. Since the tubes are seldom seen (as to scale). The boiler will then be noticeably a better steamer. It is a short large tube idea. You will notice that all return flue boilers have large tubes. Models always have insufficient draft by their small smoke stacks.

At least its worth a try. I hope this does some model builder some good.