| May/June 1956

Wayside Farm, Route 4, Winchester, Kentucky


Here is Marcus Leonard of Salina, Kansas, wanting an explanation-page 13, March-April 1956 issue in the second column. Here, in part is Mr. Leonard's letter:

In my description of Jacob Herl's engine in my recent correction, did I, in the original manuscript, describe his engine as a 21 horse? If I did, I think it is time for me to write nothing more.

Jacob Herl's engine was an Advance Compound 26 and bought in 1907. The first Advance Compound 21, No. 10991, was built in 1908 and I sold it to Glick & Best. The Chattel Mortgage was recorded in Lincoln County, Kansas, June 29, 1908. That was the only Advance I ever saw, plugged for an indicator.'

(s) Marcus Leonard

We regret the typographical errors Mr. Leonard, that creep into any and all material published. We make every effort to catch them but still they get through. Please accept our apologies. The printer.