| May/June 1961

2511 N. Waco, Wichita 4, Kansas

On January 10th, 1957, I started putting ray copies of the 56 Iron-Men Album Magazines away for future reference. This should have taken about ten minutes but I started looking at this article and that one, and they're not put away yet!

There was a time when Willys Knight cars were compared to whisky, that they both got better with age. I will let some one else argue the merits of whisky (at any age) but as to these old cars, I owned one of them and I'm sure it was a better car new than it was five years later. This will not be true of the I.M.A. Magazines. Twenty-five years from now they (the present copies) will be real treasures.

It's cold this morning in Kansas (close to zero) and the ideal time to be working in a heated shop on these models of the ever-thrilling old steam traction engines.

I am doing it every day and wish to say that life is not dull for me. I am building a boiler and making up a new supply of 3 inch scale CASE 65 machined castings and other parts.

Recently I received some fine pictures of a 3 inch scale Case engine built by Eugene Dawson of 5700 First Ave. South, Seattle, Washington. He is very accurate in his workmanship and precise in all details of the models he builds.