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2641 Chesterfield Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21213

I am one of the original members of THE MARYLAND STEAM
HISTORICAL SOC, having joined when it was first formed. Ever since
I was a kid, I have always been interested in RAILROADS and
especially TROLLEY CARS. My favorite line was the old HAGERSTOWN
& FREDRICK RAILWAY. I am also a long time member of THE.

Since 1953, my pet project is a 3′ scale 9′ gauge
outdoor railroad, called THE CAROLL COUNTY NARROW GAUGE R. R.
located near Hampstead Md. There are two other fellows and myself
who are partners in this little venture. One of the other fellows
bought a 4 acre piece of hillside land, and a few years later, I
bought an adjoining 4 acres. This hillside was perfect for what we
had in mind, that of building our own railroad. My friend Mr. Henry
D. Grant owned a beautiful little 3′ scale 9′ gauge 4-4-0
American type steam locomotive, affectionally known as

To date, we have whittled out of the side of hill, a 1,800 foot
right of way, which includes a 50′ long timber trestle, several
sidings, and we are now digging a tunnel, all on a 2.6% grade.

The equipment roster has grown from the original locomotive, and
a couple of pairs of trucks, to the following. Caboose, hopper, 82
gal. tank car, flat car, and a drop side gondola. In 1954, I built
a Single’ Truck industrial type gas powered switcher, (our work
horse, as it has been used to build the line), and recently, I have
acquired the running gear and boiler for a 12′ gauge engine,
which I am going to change over to 9′ gauge. We also have a
double truck gas powered switcher, that is near completion. It sure
is a lot of fun and hard work, and a good way to spend our spare
time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Published on May 1, 1966
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