| March/April 1982

Andrew Honcharenko is a 68-year-old retired body and paint man who likes to make models. Among the models in his collection are the Advance Rumely thresher and traction engine shown here. In fact, when these pieces are combined with miniature accessories--hay racks, a farm wagon and water wagon, they make a fine small threshing scene.

In addition, Honcharenko has built the Oil Pull tractor he is holding in his hands, a 1923 model T Ford truck and a 1928 model A Ford pickup. He usually works in 1/20 scale, using pictures in scale as a guide.

The pulleys and wheels are made of different sized tail pipes for rims and smaller gas lines for hobs. The gears are made of water pipes for rim and gears are sawed into it. Since Honcharenko has no lathe, all parts are made of metal, using tin snips, welding torch, hammer, a pint gun, hack saw and anvil. All parts are made by hand. The models steer, wheels and pulleys turn (but not under their own power).

Andrew Honcharenko lives at 3406 Franklin, in Astoria, Oregon 97103.