| January/February 1962

Model of Avery Traction engine, 40 hp, cut and built to one inch scale. Drive wheels are cut to scale in width and height with gears cut and bolted to driver. Boilers on these engines are built to specifications excepting there are no flues. Fire-doors and water gauges are complete, also steam gauges and injector with tubing into and from boiler. Reverse and steam throttle are complete. Whistle and safety valve are on dome in the original place. Governor stream line to cylinder and main valve back of Governor are complete in every detail. All parts are cut and painted two and sometimes three coats before assembling.

Avery and Case model weigh about eight to ten pounds.

These models require about 300 hours to make. They are not working models but look very real and are so accurately assembled that all parts move. No glue is used, but small bolts and screws. Avery is 22' long, 11' wide and 13' high.

Besides this hobby, Ray also tends his flowers and lawn and directs a church choir of 35 adult voices.