Montgomery People Stage 29th Annual Event

| July/August 1970

1511 Iglehart Ave. St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

The twenty-ninth National Steam Threshing Bee was held Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th, 1969 Montgomery, Minnesota.

Montgomery, a thriving city with a population of twenty-five hundred people is located on Highway thirteen about fifty miles south of the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Montgomery was plotted in 1872 when the Minneapolis and Saint Louis Railroad came through Le Seur County. The site laid out by Jane B. Martin was in the midst of a dense forest of heavy timber.

It was founded by Czech, German and Irish immigrants when the tracks of the railroad were first laid through the area. Polish, Swedish and other nationalities also made up the population of both the town and the rich farming area surrounding it.

Montgomery, named after one of the directors of the railroad, had a population of 979 in 1900, and by 1910, it totaled 1267. During the past twenty years, the community has experienced steady continuous growth with new industrial buildings and additions, new residences and improved, modern civic projects, to better serve its growing population.

Located in south central Minnesota, Montgomery is surrounded by rich agricultural land of flat to gently rolling terrain. The elevation is 1063 feet above sea level. A growing season of one hundred and forty-three days is the average for this section of Minnesota, allowing ample time for the farmers to grow corn and soybeans along with a diversified agricultural system.