| January/February 1957

116 South Frazier Street, North Baltimore, Ohio

You asked for more pictures of sawmills in one of your recent publications so I am sending you one of my father's pictures taken in 1908 or '09. I think it is a good one, I had it taken from the original picture. This is a 16 hp. Russell engine of about 1900 model. Note the steam line from the dome is inside the boiler. I have often heard my father talk about this engine and like all others it had its faults. I think his worst trouble was from the engine priming and pulling water over from the boiler. Note it has a very low steam dome. Dad purchased a new Russell engine in 1910, it was an 18hp. with short boiler. This engine had about the same dimensions as to cylinder and boiler except that the dome was higher and the flywheel was 42' instead of the 36' on the old Russell. The sawmill was also a Russell make. Most of the people in the picture are gone to their reward. The bald headed man sitting on the middle of the log is my father, Webb Buchanan. and he has been gone nearly 15 years. The man standing in front of the smokestack on the engine is George Cline, who is still living and near 90 years old. This picture was taken at Six Points, Ohio, at the Bill Chamber's farm.