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We recently heard from Earl Mosier of 8821 Stockton Boulevard,
Elk Grove, CA 95624, who described the small, family planned show
held at Mosier Implement each year in June: ‘Branch 13 Gas
Engine always support us, bringing in many engines and tractors.
Our tractors consist of: 1905 15-45 Case steam engine; 1962 Avery
working steam engine (see photo); 1924 and 1926 Rumely Oil Pull
15-45; 2 J.D. D’s, both on steel, and 25 other old tractors
Fordsons, J.D.’s, Internationals, Cases, Olivers, etc. We have
30 gas engines from 1 to 20 HP; 1930 28’ Case separator; 1915
Sterling separator made for I.H.C.we used both of these last

‘My wife Virginia and son Darrell, his wife Ivy and I enjoy
putting on this show to show the young generation about the Good
01’ Days. When I was a boy of 8 years I carried water on my
spotted pony to the harvest hands in the field. I followed the
steam powered thresher from farm to farm in Iowa. Why!! Because I
was paid 25 per day. One farmer gave me a choice, 6 days work $1.50
or a billy goat. I took the goat. My dad helped me make a set of
harness and a cart. My five sisters and two brothers thought we
were the luckiest kids in the neighborhood.

‘What an interesting lifetime I have had the privilege to
live in: from the Steam Engine to the Space Age.’

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