| November/December 1952

Tacoma, Ohio, tells this interesting experience while he was representing the Gaar Scott Company many years ago

Recently when looking over copies of old copies and reports, I came across this one

A party made an inquiry for a 10 hp. engine and a plain 24' thresher to be delivered in his barn lot and pay cash.

In following up the inquiry at quite a distance from the main line of the railroad I made inquiry where Jake lived. A German fellow said, 'Shake, the up country Dutchman who runs a Thresh Box a mile up the creek.'

It being as fine a June day as one could wish for and having all day I walked up to see Jake. I found him counting the bolts he would have when he tore up the Thresh Box, as he called it. It surely was an out of date affair. Once run by tread power but he now run it with a little old steam portable engine, also a curiosity. Beam and weight for a relief valve and an old tallow cup for a lubricator.

Father, mother, son and all the family had studied the catalog and were anxiously waiting for a cash price after it was run into the place.