| November/December 1964

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

The 14th annual reunion of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association held September 4-7 was bigger and better than ever.

A hundred engines paraded and performed for the biggest attendance to date in spite of one rainy day. As usual a dollar membership was all it cost for adults to attend the four day festival, children free. Approximately 29,000 bought memberships.

The narrow gauge railroad with its mile long track and 1891 cabbage stack locomotive was very busy. Its two coaches and caboose holding close to a hundred passengers ran on a tight 20 minute schedule much of the time. Two hold-ups by masked riders caused a slight delay and the loss of a mail pouch. One bandit was shot but not captured a companion threw him across his horse and made a get-away.

The hundred antique cars were on display in the two story concrete building and also paraded. Some of them dated away back there was a 1901 Locomobile. A few collector's items were valued at $10,000 each.

Over 50 stationary engines occupied a tent. The thirty or so old tractors were a far cry from their descendants we now see on farms but just as glamourous to some, especially the youngsters.