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By Mr. Fred Fox

Box 146, County House Rd., Mt. Royal, New Jersey

For the past few years I have corresponded fairly regularly with
Mr. B. H. Maycock of Woolaston, England; and the topic of our
letters is, of course, traction engines.

We have also exchanged many photographs and the one I am writing
about I thought would be of considerable interest to the readers.
There is also considerable information in Floyd Clymer’s book
of traction engines regarding this machine. In this picture she is,
undoubtly, hauling a carousel of some kind.

The engine was the actual center of the carousel itself and, if
one looks closely, above the top of the canopy can be seen the
large wheel that held the carousel rafters. The organ was pulled up
along side and a belt run from the little engine on the front end.
(Picture shows it covered). Screens that were gaily painted were
placed around the remainder of the machine and no one would hardly
know that a traction engine was under there.

This engine almost came to grief once not far from this same
spot. Apparently it took the wrong road and then tried to turn
around. It slid into a ditch at rather an acute angle then had to
be shored up. Eventually it was hauled out by horses using a staked
block and tackle. Mr. Maycock also has a set of pictures of

I would like to say that I had a wonderful holiday in England
last summer and met Mr. Maycock at Woburn Traction Engine Rally.
There were 48 engines al in steam and painted and polished better
than the day they were bought. The highlights were the
showman’s carnival engines and most beautiful of all was Mr.
Crawley’s Burrell ‘William V’ supplying the electric
power for the large Gavioli Fairgrounds organ. I left in the
evening with 3 reels of movie film that I have had much pleasure
from since. Also, the organ was taped and I hope I can play it over
the P. A. system at Kinzers steam show some time.

Mr. Maycock and I had a few hours together at his home where he
showed me all the parts he has made for his 2′ scale Burrell
showman’s engine. This should be a beautiful model when

At present I am busy with the construction of a model, 1/5 size,
of Mr. Young’s little Frick that is stabled at Kinzers Museum.
I am trying hard to complete by the spring steam up, but even after
completion there always are a few bugs to be caught.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1966
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