My Dad Tom Plummer

| May/June 1969

Rt. 1, Box 170 Sand point, Idaho 83864

Hello Good People - Please may I put in my nickels worth? I learned of the Iron-Men Magazine just this last year, when an old friend of Dads wrote to him about an article in it. It stirred old memories and I thought Dad should have his story in print so that his grandchildren and great grandchildren would have it to remember him by.

Dad will be ninety years old the 8th of September 1969. He was born in Illinois, was christened Thomas Rutherford Plummer. He had three brothers, one sister, was raised by Grandmother and Grandpa. He was Tom to all who knew him. After his schooling he wandered over into Iowa. Worked on farms, trapped and hunted. When a boy in Illinois, he had trapped fur bearing animals, he also found it profitable in Iowa. Spent many a winter evening skinning and stretching fur pelts. He liked country life, farm work, especially machinery. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and baseball. Umpired many a game!

Now he goes on with his story!

In 1902 I had the opportunity to buy a ten horse Advance engine and thresher. A man was foreclosing on his brother so another fellow and I decided this was our big deal. We made our money back on the clover that we hulled that fall. I sold my share in these machines to my partner's brothers.

In the fall of 1905, Alfred Samlon and I bought a second hand Nichols and Shepard ten horse engine and a Case separator. We ran them for two years. These separators were hand fed. In 1907 I traded the Nichols and Shepard in on a 15-45 O.S. Kelly.