| May/June 1956

315-31st Street N. E.edar Rapids, Iowa

Names in this poem are true. Earl Snuggs lives in West Burlington, Iowa. He was the water hauler. Karl Leehart, now deceased, was the owner. 'I helped unload this new Case outfit July 29th, 1912. I wrote 'My Dream' in 1929. I was quite homesick for days on the farm at the time. I was the engineer on this new outfit and was very proud of it. We had a long and  successful run that year.

As I laid on my bed, so soft and white
I had a dream the other nite;
A dream of days of long ago
Of the people and places I used to know.

I was asleep on the farm, as in days
of yore
And when the farmer called at half
past four
I rolled out, and grabbed my shirt
And felt the grime of an engine's
For I was the one the farmers knew
As the engineer of the threshing

The birds were chirping in the trees
And my brow was kissed by the
morning breeze.
I hurried along to where she was set
Gad, what a picture!-I can't forget-
Some chunks of wood, a shovel of coal
The smoke ascends like some dark

Now comes Karl, fresh from his bed,
With his old brown hat jammed on
his head,
A cigar in his mouth, a smile on his
As he climbs the thresher and
swing in place;
He lifts the feeder and checks it o'er,
Above the stack he swings the