My Dream of the Hell-Bound Train

| March/April 1969

Cincinnati, Ohio

(My grandmother gave me this poem some thirty years ago. I had my wife copy it and felt you might like to publish it in the Album. It is as true today as then.) Richard Carmel, 6510 Arborcrest Drive, Loveland, Ohio 45140

I lay down one night on a bar-room floor
Having drunk so much I could drink no more.

So I fell asleep with a troubled brain,
To dream that I rode on a hell-bound train.

The engine with blood was red and damp,
And brilliantly lit by a brimstone lamp:
An imp for fuel was shoveling bones,
While the furnace rang with a thousands groans,
The boiler was filled with whiskey and beer,
And the Devil himself was the engineer.

The passengers made such a motley crew
Church members, atheist, Gentile and Jew,
Rich men in broadcloth and beggars in rags,
Handsome young ladies and withered old hags.
Yellow and black men, red, brown and white,
And all chained together - a horrible sight.
While the train dashed on at an awful pace,
And a hot wind scorched them on hand and face
Wilder and wilder the country grew,
As faster and faster the engine flew.
Louder and louder the thunder crashed,
And brighter and brighter the lightning flashed.