| September/October 1971

Tipton, Iowa 52772

I put in thirty-five years with a threshing outfit. I ran an engine about thirteen years altogether working for one man. Seven falls I ran three engines for him, one a Garr-Scott and two Case engines. He had four different separators in that time, one Minneapolis, one Aultman & Taylor and two Case.

My brother and I had three separators, two Case and one Huber. We also had a Birdsell No. 8 Huller. I also ran an Advance engine. The one that I like the best. Also helped many times on a McCormick Shredder.

Ill tell you a good one that was pulled on one man. We got through on one job about 4 p.m. and was going to thresh for this man next. It looked like it might rain hard so he would not thresh until the next day, so we pulled onto another job and finished it that day and everybody went home for supper. He did not like to feed anyone if he could get out of it so the next morning was a nice day. The crew made it up with us to kill time so we were all forenoon threshing 650 bushels of oats. That afternoon we threshed 1600 bushels of oats that is one time he had to get the crew dinner.

I went through a bridge one year, fell about ten feet and did not get hurt but was scared.

I go to the Mt. Pleasant Show every year and get to fool with the engines. I am seventy-five and have arthritis in my arm.