| May/June 1963

Elmwood, Wis.

I was born over head of a general merchandise store in a small inland town.

The whole township was covered with heavy hardwood timber, so steam powered sawmills were many and some had stone feed mills attached to grind corn meal and whole wheat flour for the early settlers.

Being mechanically inclined and caring nothing for the store, I would run away to the mills to see the machinery and especially the big steam engines that run the mills. My mother hadn't given me permission to go, as she was afraid I would get hurt. So I knew just what I had coming when I arrived homel The tanning I got didn't make me lose the interest I still had in the steam engines, but only the lack of wanting to sit down for awhile.

Fortunately for me, My uncle had a sawmill and a small Gaar Scott engine. My uncle had a boy about my age so I was allowed to go there once in awhile. So by the age of ten I knew a lot about boilers and engines.

By the turn of the century drilled wells were replacing the springs and dug wells and steam powered drilling machine were doing big business.