My Iron-Man Friend

| September/October 1970

R. D. 1, Dillsburg, Penna.

First, a few lines to introduce Mr. William Berkheimer, who is the Iron-Man in this story.

Mr. Berkheimer was born on one of the cleanest and well kept farms in the Cumberland Valley north of the Williams Grove Park, then after the passing of his parents, he took over, but now his son and grandson have taken over the farm operation.

The Berkheimers were one of the first to use gas tractors and always were Case men, often rebuilding what most men considered junk, into a like new machine and would use it for many years serving as a new machine.

As long as the writer has known of the Berkheimer farm, one of the most used buildings contained a modern shop, well equipped with most all the tools required for machinery maintenance and rebuilding.

At one of the early Rough & Tumble Steam Shows held at the Arthur S. Young show grounds in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the steam bug laid a nit somewhere around Mr. Berkheimer's head and from it developed a new Case steam bug.