My Life with the Rumely Oil Pull

| January/February 1992

  • Oil Pull
    Oil Pull Bill Sievert, age 96.
  • Oil Pull
    1918 14-28 Oil Pull owned by William Sievert, ''Oil Pull Bill.''

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  • Oil Pull

'Oil Pull Bill' 201 7th Street West Canby, Minnesota 56220

It all started when I was a small boy of school age. When I went to school I had to cross the B & O Chicago Railroad tracks every morning and afternoon. The engines always fascinated me very much.

When the steam engine thresher men came to thresh for my father, this was a great day for me. To watch that engine huff and puff, learning to like it more and more. Thinking I would like to become an engineer when I grew up.

I was born on a farm near Worth, Illinois, and worked with my father on the farm, and had a great love for these steam engines.

In 1916, I had a chance to operate an Oil Pull type E-30-60 and in 1917, there were different times that I had a chance to operate this Oil Pull. In 1920, I decided to go to the North Dakota wheat fields, thinking that if I were lucky, maybe I could operate an Oil Pull when the threshing started in the fall. I succeeded!

I worked for a farmer who had a type F 15-30 Oil Pull which he said was worn out. I told him Oil Pulls do not wear out it needed to be overhauled to bring it back to power. If he would let me overhaul it I would do it for free, and if I had it back working again, he would have to promise me I could be the engineer to operate it for the threshing. He made me the promise but said I was wasting my time.