| January/February 1973

714 Union Street, Northfield, Minnesota 55057.

I built this Merry-Go-Round about fifteen years ago. This machine is sixteen feet in diameter, with eight large horses, 48 inches long and about 36 inches to the saddle. It is made somewhat like the large carnival rides and powered by a Kohler gas engine. I always wanted to convert it to steam power, but now that I am 70 years old and have heart trouble, it will never be done. I just hope that some handy man at one of our steam shows could finish this job. I am sure he would have as much pleasure with it as I have had in the past.

When my boys were in school, we used it at church bazaars, steam shows, and other small celebrations. It was a good little money-maker. We have Hi-Fi records from the old organ music of long ago. I also carried water to keep the barrel full for many merry-go-round engineers. We would always get a free ride for this work.

These machines would arrive in each town in a box car. We would help to unload and set up. They stayed a week in each town. At that time they were not with a carnival.

I would like to hear from someone who could put this machine back into working order. The last time it was used a few years ago, a tooth was broken in a bevel gear that runs the shaft into the crow's nest. I have parts to put this back into shape with a different drive. Let's hear from someone who would undertake this job and be happy with his results.