My Rough and Tumble Report 1975

| January/February 1976

Box 146 County House Road, Mt. Royal, New Jersey 08061

Once again for the 27th time, the R.&T. show is over and the grounds have a quietness. All the crowd and a lot of exhibits have gone home, but surely not without saying, 'This was a good show'.

Under the direction of our president, Dan Brubaker, the events were carried out as per last year including the director's duties. All these ran very smoothly, for having performed these assignments once, it was easier a second time. For my version of events this year I will not go through the list of directors for repeats can become boring, but I will say that all of them must have done a wonderful job. There are always problems but for some mystified reason, they always have the habit of becoming unraveled.

My largest problem came on the first day when a friend that I had coaxed into bringing the merry-go-round, realized we had no 3 phase power to give him. A request was mad over the P.A. system by Mr. Eshleman for the loan of a one lunger with a clutch, to replace the electric motor. No offers were made so I approached the only man I knew of that I thought could help; R. J. Montgomery. Luckily he had such an engine, a single Wisconsin clutch and all; but we would have to go home to his garage in Broomall to fetch it. George Gaunt supplied the truck and away the three of us went. After returning, Dave Sickler and his helper Charlie worked until 10 p.m. changing the belts and pulleys for this different installation. Again a job well done and I believe that this is the first year that R.&T. has presented a full size set of galloping mechanical horses.

Our model section was fairly well stocked again this year and with all of these small machines in miniature, it is a lot of work keeping things in order. There are directors assigned to it, but they still need all the help they can get. One has to have a break or drive an old tractor through the parade, for most of the time you are inside and can see very little of what goes on. I am proposing that our leader buy each of us a pair of roller skates for the next show; one stipulation though, they must be steam driven.

Yet another addition has been added this year and this is a 3 ft. gauge Shay locomotive and an open passenger car. This was in operation during the show and I understand that it was quite a job laying enough temporary track for reunion time. When complete this track will circle most of the grounds so passengers can enjoy a long ride and take in the events everywhere. To obtain funds for ballast, a mythical $1.00 stock certificate was drawn up and it is surprising how many were sold. To anyone that would still care to purchase any of these, we have plenty more left. Our secretary Grace Lichty was responsible for having them printed for I gave her the sample on Wednesday evening at 9 p.m.; the next morning she arrived with a whole stack of copies. Quite a Gal is our Grace.