My Sawyer-Massey

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Sawyer-Massey #2860 built in Hamilton, Canada
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This Sawyer-Massey engine has a home in the Netherlands, a bit unusual for a Canadian-built piece of machinery.
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Sawyer-Massey #2860

The engine on the cover is a Sawyer-Massey 20-60 HP side mount from 1907, number 2860 built in Hamilton, Canada.

We live in the Netherlands, but went to Canada four times to find out the history of the engine in Ontario. It was bought new by a farmer named Henry or Harold McCullum, from Breslau near Kitchener. He used it for sawing, plowing and filling silos. In 1950, Clark Dell from Otterville found it in bad condition, standing behind a barn. The owner was in his seventies then. When the engine got a good home, he was willing to sell.

Hugh Adams from Kitchener bought the engine. They had a machine shop and repaired the Sawyer. It took part in shows and parades and was sold to Joe Dewale in Norwich, who steamed tobacco beds with it.

Veverin Racher from Otterville bought it and painted it up. After Veverin died, his nephew Alan Racher got it. He put it up for sale in 1971 for $1,300.

Frank Piper from Norwich bought it buried in the mud at the Norwich show. He sold it to Ed Boland, a farmer in Belmont. He used it for threshing. In 1973, he sold it to George Beaumont a collector in Charring Cross. It was sold at an auction on June 23, 1990, to Holland.

I bought it from a salesman on December 31, 1992, in Holland. I have overhauled the engine. It got new babbitts, new tubes, new front sheet, new fire box, new stays, new front part of boiler, new smoke box, welded up the gears (small and big ones), the compensating gear was broken down. The axles built up and turned down. Rear and front smoke stack mid part new.

After all, it was certified by the boiler inspector to 8 bar. It was hydraulic tested to 12.5 bar. It is running very smooth with a Stephenson valve gear. From Mr. Alan Racher, I got the original steam gauge and spark arrester.

I have built a Baker fan of my own to get stack music. I am trying to make a saw mill now. We are living on a farm, so we have much room to play with the engine.

Bob Bruin
Valkkkogerdijk 9a
1744 HE Sint Marten (nh)
The Netherlands

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