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R. 1, Box 332, Sugar Creek, OH 44681

Here are pictures of the two Baker engines my wife and I own.
The first, engine # 2390, is a 23-90 formerly owned by Ira Swisher
of Punta Gorda, Florida. Ira showed this engine at the Mad River
Steam Show in July of 1981, working at the saw mill belt power.
People were amazed at how it performed. I was informed that Ira had
health problems and in the spring of 1982 I acquired the

The second engine# 1464is a 21-75 Baker uniflow valve, purchased
from Hugh Hartzell of Union City, Indiana. I have received the
following certified information from the A.D. Baker Co. records,
dated November 12, 1918: Engine no. 1464 was purchased by the Union
Threshing Ring, South Whitley, Indiana from the Swanton, Ohio
plant. It was 21 HP, with Pickering governor, two #4 U.S.
Injectors, 1916 Model Crosshead pump, jet steam pump, Kipp oil pump
and lubricator. The flywheel had a 10 face,
20-1-1/8 diameter. It had a Brownell Ohio
standard boiler, jacket, long cab, chime, 1916 stock except for
1917 style bed, flanged fire door ring. The color code was boiler
(black), boiler brackets (dark green), fly wheel (striped black and
yellow), valve gear and running gear (red), all wheels (red striped
with black and yellow).

This engine was shown at the Darke County Steam Threshers Show
at Greenville, Ohio in 1980 in show condition.

My wife and I are both 77 years old, have been married 55 years,
and still like to hear the engines.

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