| September/October 1981

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370 Greenfield Circle, Santa Rosa, California 95405

Going through the Iron Man Album, I came upon notice of George Hedtke's steam show for August 7-10. I said to the Mrs., 'Get your bag packed. We are going to the steam show. At the same time we can see our granddaughter and great-grandson who live in Rockford, Illinois.' I rushed down to the travel agency for tickets.

We boarded one of those American Airlines DC-10'syou know the ones that have the 10' cracks. Well, I took along a few bandaids in case the cracks became any larger. We were bound for O'Hare Airport in Chicago. That DC-10 is a great airplane!

We were met by our granddaughter and her husband and our great-grandson, Benjamin, 2 years old. In two hours we were in Rock-fordonly 13 miles from Hickory Oaks.

August 7th I was at the beautiful parkhuge trees and rolling grounds. I was like a kid (of course, I didn't run as fast!) trying to take it all in at once. I said to myself, 'I'm going to see what George Hedtke and Harry Woodmanse look like.' I had seen pictures of them and had no trouble finding them. I found them to be really nice fellows.

George has a fine lot of old farm machinery, Case tractors and steam engines. The nice part is that they all run.