| March/April 1973

Noel, Missouri 64854.


Anna Mae In Mr. Ken R. Mowrer's letter on page 42, in the November-December issue of I. M. A. you added the following foot note( You didn't give us the men's names Ken, but maybe you could have them write a story for us and have the second man send one of the pictures you speak of).

Enclosed are the pictures of the little model engine and thresher you requested, and a resume of my work, during and after the time referred to in Mr. Mowrer's article.

After the Armistice, I went to Armour & Company, in the engineering department, designing new improvements for the packing industry, and making plans and drawings for the various trades. The work there was so varied or diversified to give me a most wonderful education in mechanical engineering.

Just before the packing house strike, due to the extreme overload, the 1600 H. P. Ball compound core-less type triple, expansion refrigeration engine broke a cross-head, front and rear cylinder heads, the high pressure cylinder casting and bent the piston rod. Also two other cross-heads were cracked.