| March/April 1973

Wood Brothers engine

This is a 1/26 scale model of the 20 HP Wood Brothers engine with special water tank and coal bunker. Made from flat scrap material with jewelers saws, files and lathe. It is nine inches long and weighs 23 ounces, powered by a super monoperm motor and two

Walter R. Arndt

Noel, Missouri 64854.


Anna Mae In Mr. Ken R. Mowrer's letter on page 42, in the November-December issue of I. M. A. you added the following foot note( You didn't give us the men's names Ken, but maybe you could have them write a story for us and have the second man send one of the pictures you speak of).

Enclosed are the pictures of the little model engine and thresher you requested, and a resume of my work, during and after the time referred to in Mr. Mowrer's article.

After the Armistice, I went to Armour & Company, in the engineering department, designing new improvements for the packing industry, and making plans and drawings for the various trades. The work there was so varied or diversified to give me a most wonderful education in mechanical engineering.

Just before the packing house strike, due to the extreme overload, the 1600 H. P. Ball compound core-less type triple, expansion refrigeration engine broke a cross-head, front and rear cylinder heads, the high pressure cylinder casting and bent the piston rod. Also two other cross-heads were cracked.