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National Threshers 46th Reunion

By Troy Pawson and 5463

Pawson Road, Tipton, MI 49287

The National Threshers 46th Reunion was held June 21-24, 1990.
The four day show had two days of rain. The next two days, Mother
Nature was in our favor and all the activities went as planned.

The tractor square dancers always have a lot of people watching,
for this is not something you see every day.

The feature tractor display was Massey Harris. It was a big
success from the big Wallis Bear, to the small Massey Harris Cub.
Our model building project is one of the best you will ever see
with model steam engines, gas engines and boats.

The National Thresherwomen (TNT) craft schedule included
arranging flowers, basket weaving, white elephant bingo and
woodcrafts. The hobby lobby had something for everyone.

We didn’t have any steam engine economy runs because of the
rain but the Prony Brake was in use almost all the time. Some of
the horsepowers pulled: 32 Reeves, 122 HP, owned by Brodeck family;
25 Russell, 110 HP owned by Eric Johnson; 25 Gaar Scott, 96 HP
owned by Graham Sellers; 21 Baker, 100 HP owned by Bill Kennedy; 22
Keck Gonnerman, 88 HP owned by Ed Hurd; 22 Advance Rumely, 82 HP
owned by Lee Clark; 22 Peerless, 91 HP owned by Troy Pawson; 19
Port Huron, 73 HP owned by Tracy Powers; 16 Huber, 39 HP, owned by
Clarence Myers; 65 Case 1/2 scale, 7 HP, owned by Haley family.

The picture is a 21-75 Baker, owned by Bill Kennedy of Grafton,
Ohio. It was presented with the Leroy Blaker Award for Best
Restored Engine.

  • Published on May 1, 1991
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