NATIONAL THRESHERS Steam Engine Economy Run

| March/April 1989

22343 Lemoyne Road, Pemberville, Ohio 43450.

I would like to report on the revival of the National Threshers Steam Engine Economy Run, but first a little background.

The old A. D. Baker prony brake that the National Threshers used for years wasn't being used anymore and needed repairing. So a few years ago, Steve Lash away and I repaired the brake and learned how to operate it accurately. Since then we have had many hours of enjoyment operating the brake and hearing the different engines bark. We use it at the National Threshers and Five Points Shows where we have had a lot of good help operating it.

We started thinking about operating an economy run like they did years ago when Leroy Blaker was president of National Threshers. Tracy Powers and I looked through old IMA's and came up with some guidelines by discussions with older engineers and experimenting before the show.

Results Of The Economy Run Of Steam Traction Engines At National Threshers Assn. Reunion At Montpelier, Ohio June 22, 23, 24, 1961

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