National Watch Fob Convention

35 N. Old State Road Norwalk, Ohio 44857

The first National Watch Fob Convention was held in Norwalk,
Ohio on April 4th, 1965. This was the first convention of its kind
ever held. 33 collectors came from 6 states and 29 cities. Ohio had
19, Michigan 1, Pennsylvania 5, New Jersey 1, Illinois 2, and
Massachusetts 1. Over 10,000 fobs were on display. Collections
included equipment, machinery, automobile, advertising.
Presidential and fobs from the states of the United States. This
meeting was successful and another was planned.

The second National Watch Fob Convention will be held on April
16 & 17th, 1966, at the American Legion Hall, at Norwalk, Ohio.
This year it will be a two day affair. An auction will be held on
Saturday, April 16 from 6 to 8 P.M. Larry Freeman, President of
Western Reserve Coin Club of Cleveland, Ohio will be the
auctioneer. Admission is free and the public is invited. Food will
be available in the hall. Door prize will be given. Police
protection will be on hand.

A special watch fob has been made to commemorate these
conventions and will be sold. 1965 will cost $2.50 and 1966

Word has been received from Massachusetts and as far as
California that collectors will attend. Would like to hear by the
1st of April as to how much space each collector would like for his

Motel rooms are plentiful as there are 19 serving this area with
good service and moderate prices.

Come and get acquainted with your collector friends and enjoy a
very good hobby. See you in Norwalk, Ohio on April 16 & 17th,

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