Nelson Speaks On Advances

| May/June 1956

Hawley, Minnesota

I AM ENCLOSING a clipping from a local newspaper describing our Second Annual Western Minn., Steam Threshers Ruunion, 1955.

We were blessed with the most beautiful Fall weather one could ever wish for. I must say we all had a wonderful time.

I read with much interest Mr. William R. Benda's letter to the ALBUM in the Jan.-Feb. issue and admired the picture of his Advance Rumley thresher and Advance side mounted engine Models.

I was somewhat amazed that Mr. Benda is not aware of the fact that Advance built a 22hp. side mounted engine. Here in Western Minnesota, Advance enjoyed a great deal of popularity. I am 47 years old and in my time I remember more than 20 Advance engines that were used to power threshing machines in and around this community. Out of this group of engines, 6 were 22hp. Simple, the rest being 26hp. tandem compounds, 30hp. simple and a 35hp. tandem compound. All these engines were side mounted and built in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The 22hp. was often referred to as being one of the snappiest of all Advance engines. It was also noted for its clear cut and sharp exhaust.