| July/August 1983

Perrysville, IN 47974

The Wabash Valley Steam and Gas Club has just been newly formed. It has been a dream come true for many of the area residents of Perrysville, Indiana.

The highlight of the Club will be the display at the Skinner Farm Museum Gas and Steam Show. The variety of the antiques displayed covers many eras of time. One might be enchanted by visiting the Little House on the Prairie, a collection of log cabins all original, or stand in awe of the mammoth steam threshing engines while smelling their coal smoke and hot cylinder oil. Or others' interest may be sparked by a roar of a tractor or the popping of the gas engines in the distance a 1913 Huber sawmill can be heard sawing up an Indiana Oak log.

Not only will adults be amazed by the intellect of our forefathers ingenuity, but the youngsters will stand in fascination as the blacksmith pounds out an object from nothing or the broom-maker whips together a broom.

Moms will be intrigued as well with the weaving loom, old time utensils and a variety of tools used during these times.

The members excitedly anticipate their community efforts to make their Club a workable society to preserve the memories of our past.