| May/June 1976

722 East End Ave., Lancaster, PA 17602

Mr. Bruce I. Groninger of 3608 Hillcrest Road, Harrisburg, Pa. has built a Shay style locomotive with track and donated it to the Rough & Tumble Engineers Association. His interest comes naturally, since he worked 40 years on the Pennsylvania Railroad, ending his career as a conductor.

It is quite an accomplishment for a railroader to build a locomotive from scratch. Mr. Groninger used a Soule, double throttle steam engine made by the Soule Mfg. Co. of Meridian, Miss. He purchased a boiler made in 1940 by the well known Fitzgibbons Boiler Co. of Oswego, N. Y. with home office in New York City. The wheels he obtained from a junk yard, the brass bell was donated to him, and the track came from an old railroad bed near Dillsburg, Pa. The balance he salvaged wherever available, and assembled.

Mr. Groninger's locomotive was on display in 1975 at the Adams County Fairgrounds at Abbottstown, Pa., and was brought to Kinzers on the truck of our Vice-President, Amos Stauffer, and was displayed at the Reunion of 1975, although we were not able to operate it because no track had been laid.

It is a 36' gauge with 4000 feet of track and when the roadbed is completed it will encircle the complete Reunion Grounds. Mr. Groninger is constructing a second passenger car and hopefully the roadbed and track will be laid in order that the train will be in operation at 'The Old Threshermans Reunion' of 1976. 

Francis Sevart is an 'Old Reliable' at this show. He can operate anything with the deftness of a brain surgeon. Seriously he has capabilities above average and has common sense 'he hasn't even had tapped yet.' I believe with only minor check-out he can operate everything on the reservation. He proves part of this in the picture above as he operates Gene Owens' Baker engine on the Baker fan. Francis resides at 111 North Cherokee St., Girard, Kansas. Courtesy of Bernard A. Hines, 7197 Mississippi St., Merrillville, Indiana 46410.