New Model Traction Sixteen - Horse - Power

| June 2007

  • NewModel16HPWoodEngine
    A New Model 16 HP Wood engine. The general design of the engine remained the same, but proportion of the gearing was changed to increase the drawing capacity.

  • NewModel16HPWoodEngine

• We wish especially to call your attention to our new model sixteen-horse-power traction.

• The general design of the engine remains the same. We have changed the proportion of the gearing which increases the drawing capacity.

• The boiler is 5-16 steel, double riveted, 29 inches diameter, 36 inch firebox with 41 2 inch × 7 feet tubes.

• The rear wheels are 58 inches diameter, 16 inch face, 9-16 inch steel plates with cast hubs, malleable spokes and cleets.

• The front wheels are 42 inches diameter, 8 inch face, 1-2 inch steel plates with cast hubs and steel spokes.

• The frame of the platform is of Channel steel, secured to the boiler with cast brackets; to the channel bars are fastened the spiral springs that support the platform. The draw head passes through the frame and is provided with a compression spring on the inside which lessens the strain from a sudden jerking.