| May/June 1978

  • Gas tractors
    Two gas tractors, one a John Deere and the other an I.H.C. W30, took turns as power for this very nice working 1950 22 x 37 Case separator. Even the beautiful team of horses didn't complain about the noise and commotion. This picture was taken at the Coch

  • Gas tractors

F3-520-75 Avenue, S. W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2V OS2

The First Annual Threshing Bee of the Cochrane, Alberta district was put on by the Bears Paw Lions Club, October 9, 1977.

The weather was not the very best as there had been a light snowfall. But since the barley was well stooked by the boys, and a Chinook wind came along and melted the snow, everything turned out well, and the show was held as planned.

The lady cooks had the best job because they were inside where it was nice and warm. They fed us royally and we kept warm with lots of good hot coffee.

The horses soon got used to the groans of both the separator and the operator!

The tractors puffed away and helped some of the men to keep their hands warm. A nice thing about it, there was lots of help, and the pitchfork handles were always warm!