The Long Shop

| March/April 1980

The use of steam will be a central theme of a regional museum to be opened in an 1852 building of the Garrett Company at Leiston, Suffolk, England.

The building, known as The Long Shop, was used by Richard Garrett for manufacture of portable steam engines. The Earl of Cranbrook is chairman of the group working on the restoration, which has already obtained funds for re-roofing and other essential repairs. The Garrett Company, on its 200th anniversary, gave the land and buildings in 1978.

Among the first exhibits obtained for the museum is a Garrett 10-ton road roller brought back from Spain by the British Transport Trust. An Aveling and Porter 12-ton roller is also to be on view. The 'most exciting' gift thus far is a Garrett SCI stationary steam engine which was used until recent years to power a timber and joinery works in Essex. It has been steamed up annually to make certain it stays in working condition.

Garrett SCI stationary engine, given to Long Shop project; was used until very recently to power a complete timber and joinery works in Essex; is now steamed up annually to make sure it is in working condition. (Photo courtesy Keith Pittman, project officer.)

A Long Shop steam rally is planned for 1980 in conjunction with the Oily Rag Club, a Leiston steam enthusiasts' society. Anyone in the United States or Canada or other nations who wishes to help financially should write to Keith Pittman, Project Officer, The Long Shop, Regional Industrial Museum Project, Main Street, Leiston, Suffolk, England.