| March/April 1969

Box 1 70, Luling, Texas 78648

The neglected metal working hobbyist can now find contentment in the complete line of goods offered by CALD WELL INDUSTRIES of Luline, Texas. Their line, most of which is made in England, now offers for the first time in the American market many of the excellent items which have made metal working an extremely popular pastime in the United Kingdom, and which may account for the excellent reputation for craftsmanship given the British.


Through their catalog, CALDWELL INDUSTRIES offers nine categories of supplies, materials, and equipment for every phase of home metal working. Emphasis is placed on supplying the amateur machinist with professional quality products, engineered for the amateur, in areas completely neglected by manufacturers of industrial equipment. The nine categories include: tools, steam engines, steam tractors, gasoline engines, locomotives, steam fittings, clocks, books, and toys.

Their tools fulfill a need for the home craftsman. Some of their new tools include hand operated shapers, a milling machine in kit form, and six metal lathes varying in size from small portable models for apartment dwellers to the My-ford Super 7 gap bed lathe. All of their tools are unique in America, and are offered at prices within everyone's reach.

Their steam engines are a completely new line offered for the first time anywhere. The engines are supplied in casting form for the home craftsman to build. Both single cylinder and compound types are included. The simple engines provide an introduction to machining which can lead to broader fields.