| September/October 1972

909 Naperville Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.

A Nichols & Shepard Engine, No. 11369 built in 1913. Owned by Mr. Gene Morris, Alexis, Illinois.

65 Case, serial number up in the thirty three thousands. Pops off at 180, original flues. 32 X 54 Case thresher. Elmer Egbert and Abe Johnson in October 1965. A. E. Johnson, engineer on Case 65 for the Egbert's Buckeye Steam Threshers Reunion.

A. E. Johnson with Frances Egbert and Elmer Egbert's 20 HP Advance Rumely at Egbert's Reunion.

A Nichols & Shepard double cylinder simple engine No. 11,369, built in 1913. Owned by Mr. Gene Morris, Alexis, Illinois, exhibited at Mt. Pleasant Reunion 1970. Boiler is a locomotive, dry bottom firebox type, shell 30' Dia., 96' long plus smoke box and firebox, double riveted lap joint, 125 lbs., allowed steam pressure, with 32-2 1/2' tubes 96' long. Firebox 34' wide, 48' long, boiler has 226.7 Sq. Ft., of heating surface, 11.33 Sq. Ft., of grate surface. At 20 lbs., of coal per Sq. Ft., or 227 lbs., per hour of 11,500 Btu., per lb., and 69% boiler efficiency at 125 lbs., steam pressure and 60°F., feedwater temperature the boiler will produce 1943 pounds of steam per hour. The engine proper is a double cylinder simple, 6-5/8' bore, 10' stroke, with Stephenson link valve and reversing gear with 'D' slide valves, governor speed control at 300 RPM., on belt and most traction work. The engine will develop at the 300 RPM., and 1/3 cutoff giving 76.36 lbs., MEP., 78.84 indicated horse power. At 72.33% engine mechanical efficiency the brake H. P. would be 57. The engine traction system is typical Nichols & Shepard design with a two-shoe engaging in the clutch and balance wheel on the left hand side of the engine, with a 13 tooth crankshaft pinion, a 61 tooth intermediate gear, a 54 tooth differential spur gear, 13 tooth countershaft pinions, 57 tooth bull gears, 68' Dia., drive wheels with 20' wide rims. The engine with fuel and water supply weighs 23,000 lbs. The ratio of engine RPM., to drive wheel RPM., is 15.91 to 1. The traction speed at 300 RPM., engine speed is 3.22 MPH. The horsepower delivered to the drive wheels is 39.2 equal to a gross tractive effort of 4568 lbs. When the engine is travelling on a light clay stubble field at 3.22 MPH., the net drawbar horsepower is 26.9 equal to a tractive effort of 3,130 lbs. On a similar field she will pull 9 or 1014' bottom plows under average plowing conditions. She is a nice running engine and sounds great with 4-beat exhaust. Engine construction features through the courtesy of Mr. Morris. Engine performance calculations and submitted by Ernest H. Casson.