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The letter by Alva Hulbert, Rt. 3, Sterling, Illinois 61081
entitled ‘I Am Concerned’ the whole thing is the real truth
and I might add I have known quite a few railroad engineers. And
our steam engines, so far as I can find, have the credit of having
old men up in the 80s and 90s and now the Diesel’s have younger
men in the graves. What is more sickening than the diesel fuel
going up in smoke? Reports I have heard is diesel fumes cause heart
attacks. And what about cancer? Who ever suffered from the old
steamer? Except a little dirt!

I helped a many a day in the barn threshing grain driven by the
old Miller Engine manufactured by 20th Century, Boynton, Pa. The
Miller steam engine was invented by a Mennonite minister, Gideon
Miller, Springs, Pa. who had one of the best machine shops around.
They made gears and repaired about anything a person needed.

Also, they made a sugar water boiling pan with sides. That was a
far step over the one section pan. The water circulated out around
until finally it was in a smaller pan ready to take out and stand
till cold. In this process it settled the fine dirt to the bottom.
And later it boiled down to about 11 lbs. per gallon. All water in
those days was hauled with horses. When I worked, we used two
wagons and each had an 8 bbl. wooden tank and the water had to be
hauled rain, sleet or snow.

More about pollution. Who ever heard of the good old fertilizer
horse and cattle manure making anyone sick? A little stinknow the
big shots want pits covered for manure and only liquid. Why
don’t they study our earth. She wants humus and this takes
straw or even haymakes mulch. When I was young, horses did the
work. No hard packed fields. We always waited till the ground was
dry enough not to pack. Now the tractors are taken on when the
water still runs down the furrows. sowing when you can pack ground
into balls.

Not our old farmers!

Mr. Hulbert says what if we had to go back as it was in our old
days well, he and I would enjoy that! Why not steam cars and
tractors and eliminate pollution?

  • Published on Nov 1, 1971
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