| May/June 1972

  • officers in Steam Power Show

    Emil F. Svanda

  • officers in Steam Power Show

Davis Junction, Illinois 61020.

OFFICERS:-North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, Inc. Left to right: J. Floyd King, V-pres., Kings, Ill.; George Hedtke, Pres., Davis Junction, Ill.; Emil Svanda, Treas., Davis Junction, Ill.; and Jon M. Schwartz, Sec'y., Rock-ford, Ill. The 1972 Annual Steam Power and Horse Power Threshing Show will be held August 3, 4, 5, and 6th., at the King farm, Kings, Illinois. (Always the first week-end in August) Courtesy of Emil F. Svanda, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020

DAVIS JUNCTION, ILL.-A business meeting of the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show was held Saturday night, December 11, at the Harm Hayenga farm home at Kings, Illinois. George W. Hedtke, President of the corporation opened the business meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Fifteen board members and their wives attended the annual meeting. A pre-Christmas feast, chairmened by Mrs. Donald Wolf of Aurora, Illinois, and by Mrs. Herman Hintzsche of DeKalb, Illinois was enjoyed by all.

Election of officers was held for the coming year 1972. George W. Hedtke was re-elected to serve the sixth year as president of the corporation. J. Floyd King was re-elected to serve as vice-president for the sixth year, and Emil F. Svanda was re-elected to serve the sixth year as treasurer. Jon M. Schwartz of Rockford, Illinois was elected to serve as the new secretary of the corporation, vacated by Svanda at the end of this term, due to the growth of the show and additional work involved. Svanda has served as secretary-treasurer of the corporation since the new show was organized in 1967.

The North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, Inc., entertains between 13 to 16 thousand spectators annually during the 4 day event from all over the states and foreign countries. The show-is held annually the first week-end in August on the J. Floyd King eighty acre farm, located on Church Road, one mile north of Highway 64 at Kings, Illinois. The dates for the 1972 show are: August 3, 4, 5, and 6.