| March/April 1978

Box 111, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020

Even though showers of rain greatly dampened two days of show activities out of the four day show at Hedtke's Hickory-Oaks Farm last August 4, 5, 6 and 7, the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show went on just the same. Hundreds of spectators came nevertheless, many with their umbrellas the first two days, so they could see whatever activities could be demonstrated in between rain drops, of old time farming methods.

The steam powered sawmill, the shingle mill, horse powered threshing, fence making by hand, rope making by hand, plus a few demonstrations indoors were seen daily. Sunday everything was in full swing, except plowing with the power of steam engines, and straw baling. Numerous horsedrawn carriages and horsedrawn farm wagons were busy with their drivers giving rides to the general public at the farm site. Over 200 pieces of ancient farm machinery, steam engines, gas tractors, gas engines, and other farm equipment, including 22 makes of threshing machines were on display and in use as the weather permitted.

The food people and the handicraft ladies did a tremendous job of sales in the huge metal building at the show site. The place was packed, rain or shine. The home talent show arranged by Dawn Hayenga and her brother, Rodney, of Kings, Illinois, for Saturday evening, was attended by approximately 250 people, which was held in the large seating and dining area of the big building at Hickory-Oaks Farm. The two hour performance of home talent entertainment, included the young and the old taking part. The free entertainment included group singing, duets, tap dancing, and numerous piano and organ numbers, as well as guitar and harmonica numbers. Other evenings during the show there were free movies and slides presented by Rhinie Luebbers, a photographer and great worker at Hickory-Oaks Farm.

Following the home talent show Saturday evening, George W. Hedtke, president of North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, announced and introduced Mrs. Herman (Winnie) Baumez of Aurora, Illinois as the '1977 Threshing Bee Queen.' Winnie who is active annually at Hickory-Oaks Farm at age 85, received a great and of applause. She weaves wicker baskets with her husband during the show.

Following the outdoor church services Sunday morning and the forenoon activities on August 7, the 1977 show queen rode through the afternoon parade in a horsedrawn carriage, owned and driven by Dan Sampson of Earlville, Illinois. The 'Queen' held a lap-bouquet of colored flowers and heads of oat grain, neatly arranged by the ladies of the hobby show.