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R 1, Box 176 Shiocton, WI 54170

The 16th annual North central Wisconsin Steam and Gas Engine
Show was held at the Kurt Umnus farm near Edgar, Wisconsin, last
August 27 and 28.

This show featured restored vintage gas engines, gasoline
tractors, threshing machines, antique farm toys, steam traction
engines and also a few antique aircraft. There was a saw mill, a
shingle mill, several threshing machines, and an 8-bottom gang plow
in operation each day.

In 1989 I will have come to this show 10 years. Living on a
dairy farm in Northeastern Wisconsin, I have always looked forward
to this early Autumn weekend and the trip I make to the North
central area of our state (America’s Dairy).

To me, this show is unique because it is one of the few shows
that is held on a farm in our state. One gets to see the machinery
in a rural setting as it was originally used.

Also, I wish to commend the members of this Club for their
effort in making the event possible. This year, the show will be
held August 26 and 27.

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