Northeastern Wisconsin Steam Club

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Here is the cleaned and painted Gaar Scott. The driver is co-owner with Henry Vander Heidea, Eldred Jacobs, better known to his fellow members as Porky. How was the cleaning job, Porky?
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Left to right, Henry Vander Heidea and Joe Stangel with Joe's boy, Tommy on the engine. Taken at the Luxemburg Rodeo, 1953. These men were Co-operators of this engine and Henry is the N.E. Wis., Steam Club treasurer.

Algoma, Wisconsin

The first annual meeting of the Northeastern Wisconsin Steam
Club, Inc., was held Saturday evening, January 29, 1955 at the
Stebbins Hotel in Algoma. As all threshermen have a hearty
appetite, we were served a delicious chicken supper. Mr. Holtz, the
proprietor of the hotel is a member of our club, so you can imagine
everyone was filled to capacity. Along with the very fine food, we
were favored with a ‘barbershop quartet’ consisting of
Mickey Deltman, Edward Lohrey, Harold Zeitler, and Melvin Wians. At
the beginning they sang ‘Sweet Evalina’, ‘I Had a
Dream’, and ‘Cruising Along With a Model ‘T’
Ford’. At the close of the meeting they sang ‘Good-bye My
Coney Island Babe’.

Mr. Iver Moen, an enthusiastic steam fan, traveled from Iron
Mountain, Michigan, for this event. Members from Milwaukee,
Waukeska, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Oconto, Lake DePere, and various
other Wisconsin cities attended.

After exchanging friendly greetings, steaming conversations, the
steam fans attention was given to the business meeting.

There is always plenty of business to take care of at this
meeting. The coming Rodeo date, election of of

ficers, and any financial matters that arise. A tentative date
of the last weekend in July be our Rodeo date. The Board of
Directors will decide. The new Board of Directors consists of
Harold Jens, Elkhart Lake; Walter Culp, Algoma; Marvin Saenger,
Green Leaf R. 2; Leo Duerst, Algoma; Herman Hopfensperger,

Menasha R. 1. The present officers are: President, James Rabas,
Algoma; Vice-President, John Rapin, Algoma; Treasurer, Henry
Vanderheiden, Green Bay; Secretary, Mrs. Clifford Vlies,

The club voted that there be two meetings during the year. The
one in December shall be to take care of the previous Rodeo, and
the one in June shall be to plan for the coming Rodeo.

The financial report was read and the treasurer gave the good
news that the club has money in the treasury. The members agreed to
go forward next year with a bigger and better Rodeo. The weather
was against us, but it has not dampened our spirits.

Several members were called upon to give their feeling toward
the Rodeo: Wm. Richardson, Sheboygan Falls, ‘We had a grand
time. It was our first Rodeo, and it was wonderful.’ Roland
Busloff, Waukeska, ‘I washed my face every day of the Rodeo
with warm water from the engines. I enjoyed the Rodeo
immensely.’ Iver Moen, Iron Mountain, Mich., ‘I happened to
hear of the Rodeo by accident. I enjoyed it very much. I
wouldn’t miss another for love or money.’

Another one of our members enjoyed the Rodeo very much as he
spent his two weeks vacation there. His name is Herman
Hopfensperger, our new director.

To make the banquet a real happy occasion, several jokes were
offered, directed toward the Rodeo. To make the atmosphere
appropriate, a whistle from one of the steam engines was hooked up
to call the meeting together and keep order. An air compressor
outside of the hotel furnished the ‘steam’.

I am sure everyone present will join with me in thanking Mr.
Holtz and everyone responsible for the grand time.

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