| September/October 1974

Rocky Comfort, Missouri, 64861.

The word nostalgia means homesickness, or a yearning for former things and places, in short it is a memory of the past, and the older we are the more noticeable it becomes.

There are many people around older than I am. However I was born in the 19th century and I have many memories.

The young live for the future, the middle-aged live for the present but most older folks live for the past. These memories become their greatest possession and what a wonderful thing that the 'Good Lord' has blessed us with, this ability to retain these memories and even more so in our life time; more than any other equal time in History.

I have noticed one common denominator in all of this, the person having overcome the greatest obstacles and hardships seem to have the richest memories.

Persons having been born as the saying goes with a silver spoon in their mouth, having plenty, and few hardships feel that they have few memories worthwhile for they have not had to join the fight for survival, using some hidden talents, and improvise to meet the challenge of the more primitive times and conditions. To some extent I pity that person who has always had plenty, for to me he was denied the chance to fully develop a fine list of memories.