Notes From Across the Juddle

| November/December 1976

Phitberds Manor, East Harvey, Wantage, Berks, England.

Last year my father purchased 5 or 6 back-numbers of your magazine. I have studied these with great interest.

We are joint owners of two engines, a Fowler cable slough engine, and a Marshall portable. The Fowler is a compound cylinder 7' x 12' x 12', 16 H.P. I don't know what this rates in your horsepower scales. The Marshall is enormous for a portable being larger than the Fowler. The boiler is 3' 11' 1 cylinder 11' and 11' x 16', double high pressure.

I would like to make a few comments on the article on page 3 of the May-June 1973 issue. There are only 2 or 3 McLaren ploughers in existence compared to 130 (approximately) Fowlers. There are also 2 Burrells, 2 Aveling and Porters and 1 John Allen.

There are no undermounted engines left, excluding some lorries, as only very few were produced before being tagged a failure. One make of lorry has a return flue boiler of which about 5 examples exist.

Most engines are two speed, some road engines have three, but four was almost unknown. The only double cylinder engines that I know of are portable. We went in for compounds over here due to their greater economy with coal and water.