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Plows on parade: Spectators surround the 50-bottom plow rig after a pull for a closer look
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Photo by Jason B. Harmon. Turn to the back cover for more on the event.

The products of M & J Rumely took center stage at this
year’s 59th National Threshers Association Reunion in Wauseon,
Ohio, June 26-29.

With over 150 Rumely products of various stripe on hand
(including some 110 Rumely Oil Pulls!), the show was an absolute
hit. To make things even better, the club arranged for a recreation
of the famous Rumely publicity stunt of 1911, in which three 30-60
Oil Pulls pulled a 50-bottom plow through fields owned by Purdue
University, West Lafayette, Ind.

But instead of Oil Pulls, organizers hooked the plows to three
Rumely steam traction engines that pulled them through the hard
soil, much to the delight of attendees and exhibitors alike, who
cheered and waved as the plows broke ground. Plowing events
continue to gain popularity, but don’t look for this stunt to
be repeated any time soon. ‘This is history in the making,’
one spectator commented; we couldn’t have said it better.

The three Rumelys line up for the big pull. The engines, left to
right, are: 36 HP 1912 Rumely belonging to the Western Minnesota
Steam Threshers; 50 HP 1912 Rumely belonging to Norm Stevens,
Bellevue, Mich.; and 25 HP 1912 Rumely belonging to Dennis Rupert,
Hillsdale, Mich.

Three 1912 M. Rumely steam traction engines line up to pull a
50-bottom plow at the 59th National Threshers Association Reunion
in Wauseon, Ohio, June 26-29, 2003. Left to right: Dennis
Rupert’s 25 HP; Norm Stevens’ 30 HP; and the Western
Minnesota Steam Threshers’ 36 HP

Special thanks to steaming’s favorite shutterbug,
Mark Corson, for providing the pictures shown here.

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