| July/August 1961

George F. Searson

George F. Searson, 88, retired farmer and thresher, Center Hall, died at Centre County Home Saturday at 2:07 p.m. Mr. Searson was born in College Township Jan. 22, 1873, a son of James and Mary Aston Searson. His wife, Mary Jane, died Oct. 3, 1960. (Sent in by Joseph L. Mitchell, Box 53, Fleming, Pennsylvania.)

William Mairs

On March 11, 1961, William Mairs, one of the last employees of the Port Huron Engine and Thresher Company, passed away at the age of 86. Bill, as he was affectionately known by his friends, worked for the Port Huron Company from 1903 to 1908 as a Factory Expert. He spent the seasons of 1905-08 doing similar work in the Argentine Republic, South America.

After leaving the Port Huron Co., Mr. Mairs was a custom thresherman for many years in the vicinity of Novi, Michigan.

He was a member of the Episcopal Church and the Novi Odd Fellows Lodge for 58 years. (Sent in by his son, George W. Mairs, Novi, Michigan.)

Kent Sawyer

Kent Sawyer, 23, of Bird City, Kansas, passed away March 15, 1961 as a result of an automobile accident on March 12, 1961.

Kent was an active member of the Antique Engines & Threshers Association of Bird City. He and his father, Chet, president of our association, owned several pieces of antique equipment. (Sent in by Melvin Kestler)