| May/June 1961

Mr. Lester C. Norris of Marcellus, New York, sends us the sad news of the passing of Mr. Willard Durkee. We present Mr. Norris' letter, a clipping from the Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York, and a tribute which Deacon Doubleday paid to Mr. Durkee on the radio Feb. 3, 1961. We are indebted to Mr. Norris for all this material.

I am enclosing the death notice of Mr. Willard Durkee, who died in Syracuse on January 26, 1961, after a month's illness.

As you probably know, my Lang and Button engine was on the cover of the Jan-Feb 1961 issue of the IRON-MEN ALBUM. The man in the picture standing beside the engine was Willard Durkee.

I am enclosing a tribute which Deacon Doubleday paid to Mr. Durkee on the air February 3rd, also the notice of his death as it appeared in the Post-Standard, Syracuse.

Mr. Durkee was, at the time of his death, writing a book on the history of farm machines in New York State. Last summer P. Hal Higgins visited Mr. Durkee. He took Mr. Higgins around to visit and see the steamers in this locality. Durkee and Higgins have been working very closely with historical articles.

(s) Lester C. Norris, 33 North Street, Marcellus, N. Y.